Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yesterday I decided that if I want to get serious with my eats that I would require an herb garden. I just happened to decide this whilst walking by some herbs for sale. How convenient!

Am I ever glad I live close to the Sobeys. Driving home with this thing on my bicycle was not a good time. Its kind of hard to tell what's in there, I'll get into that later.

There seemed to be what used to be a garden in my backyard. With a little bit of TLC this place should do the trick.

I picked up some high quality tools at the Dollarama for a grand totally of about five bucks. The rake really came in handy as I found several pieces of broken glass, some rusty nails, a large rusty hunk of metal and some other miscellaneous bits of trash buried in the mud. I'm not sure what the previous owners of this garden were trying to grow, but I don't think I'd want to eat it.

I tilled the soil and rearranged the outer rocks. It started to look pretty good.

I was able to rustle up a few chives from a walking path at work. One was behind a fence so I had to bust it out from the other side. Being on the inside all it's life must have toughened it up. The stalks were pretty woody. I'll probably have to get some tender ones from my Mom's garden.

Now that I have all the pieces to my herb garden puzzle it's time to get planting. I ended up having to make an expansion to fit the chives in. It might take them a little while to adjust to their new habitat. There was something already planted in the garden but I don't know what it was. Maybe some kind of parsley. I left it in just encase it turns out to be something good. I also had pineapple I was trying to grow in a pot so that went in too. When I pulled the pineapple out of the pot his onion friend came out too. I couldn't bear to split them up so I planted it. The other stuff I got at Sobeys. There was supposed to be hot and spicy oregano and regular oregano but it tasted more like one was bitter and the other was sweet. I just realized I've been spelling Oregano wrong for some time. Oh well!

So that's my friendly little herb garden. Now here is a picture I drew of the Mud Man.


  1. wow you sure did clean that garden up! Looks great!

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty happy happy with it, but I'll have to expand soon if I want to keep the Mudman at bay...